Kateryna & André | Porto


After Wedding Session in Porto


Kateryna & André


Lemons and avocados on the trees. It is calm and you can only hear a few birds piping. That place is peaceful and healthy - it makes us nostalgic for a life surrounded by nature, without distractions. We meet lovely Kateryna and her husband André who live in Porto. One and a half years ago they had their wedding, but back then decided to not have a photographer for their very small and intimate weddingday. Well, if there ever was a good reason to take beautiful wedding photos in an enchanting old farmhouse, this is it! Gabriela, the house owner, guides us through this beautiful place. Her family is living here for generations and you feel that this is not a film set, but a place with memories, with a story.

While Kateryna gets her Make-Up done by Carla, we roam through the rooms, observe the tiny details and get sucked in the atmosphere. Soon after, we play some music and start framing the tender moments between wife and husband. Thanks for the great honor to capture your togetherness.