Hasselblad Masters: INNOVATE


Alongside winning the prestigious title of “Hasselblad Master”, we were asked to shoot an exclusive series for the Hasselblad Master Book Vol.6 INNOVATE. As the theme was 'Innovate', we wanted to create something unusual. Wedding photography is a rather un-fancy genre of photography with exceptions. As many photographers are not just craftsmen, but also find personal pleasure in creating art, challenging yourself can be so rewarding. After photographing and editing the pictures, we printed them on Japanese Awagami Unryu paper, which gives a delicate, fine structure that alters the look of the photographs. It adds what digital photos lack sometimes - flaws, haptics, irregularities. After having them printed by the lovely Folio Albums, we digitalized the pictures with the Hasselblad again. So here you go.

Thanks to our most talented Team who did such a splendid job. Zo & Willow (https://www.zoandwillow.com), Rouge Rosé (https://www.rouge-rose.de), A La Robe (https://www.alarobe.com), De-Scale (http://www.de-scale.com), Elly our assistant and Carolin and Frank, the beautiful couple.

Master Book_0010.jpg
Victor Hamke - 02.jpg
Victor Hamke - 07.jpg
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