Photographs by  Francesca Angrisano

Photographs by Francesca Angrisano

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Hey and welcome!

We are Ronja and Victor, living together in Leipzig and travelling for weddings and after wedding sessions all over Germany and Europe. Since three years we unite our passion for poetic aesthetics, very personal service and fine art printing as wedding photographers in Muse & Mirror. When we are not busy editing photographs, designing Albums or learning new things about photography and humans, going for a walk, eating cheesecake and watching Netflix makes us reaaaally happy. We also value sustainability greatly - besides green electricity and a social and ecological bank, we chose quality handiwork from Germany and Europe for all our products. You share our vision? We are looking forward to meet you in person at a Skype get-together soon! 

Wir sind Ronja und Victor, leben zusammen in Leipzig und brechen von hier zu Hochzeiten und After Wedding Sessions in ganz Deutschland und Europa auf. Seit drei Jahren vereinen wir unsere Leidenschaft für poetische Ästhetik, ganz persönlichen Service und hochwertige Fine Art Drucke als Hochzeitsfotografen unter Muse & Mirror. Wenn wir nicht gerade damit beschäftigt sind, Fotografien zu bearbeiten, Alben zu entwerfen oder Neues über Fotografie und Menschen zu lernen, machen uns Spaziergänge, Käsekuchen und Netflix ziemlich glücklich. Außerdem liegt uns Nachhaltigkeit sehr am Herzen - neben Ökostrom und Ethikbank setzen wir bei all unseren Produkten auf qualitative Handarbeit aus Deutschland und Europa. Findet ihr euch darin wieder? Wir freuen uns, euch beim Skype-Kaffeekränzchen persönlich kennenzulernen!

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is a perfectionist at what he loves. Editing pictures, an inconvenience for most people, is actually something that his heart beats for. Listening to classic music from Olafur Arnalds or Ryuichi Sakamoto, he feels in his middle when diving into this create state - for him that almost has a meditative character. Coming from a background of portrait and conceptual Fine Art photography, he was looking for new challenges which led him to wedding photography. Working with light, shadow, shapes and lines makes his artistic heart beat. Apart from this, he is absolutely a series addict and he prefers deep and genuine conversations over an action-driven daily life.



adores life and memories. Old mansions, antique jewelry, almost faded photographs. She gets goosebumps thinking about all the stories behind this. Dreams about buying an old Villa some day and to restaurate it herself. With creaking floorboards and a chimny to make tea. She's much into everything tangible and in love with beauty of all kinds - to find it and to create it. Everything that has to do with haptics and design speaks to her. As an introvert she prefers to stay in the background and can conveniently obtain that role on the wedding day. When those photos come to life in an Album and become a family heritage is when she feels real meaning and inspiration.

Portrait of Victor by Serena Morandi
Portrait of Ronja by
Francesca Angrisano


Print Publications

Our work has been published among others in these magazines: Hasselblad MASTERS Book - Innovate, Noblesse Magazine China, MarryMag, BRIGHT Magazine, Digital SLR Photography Magazine Malaysia, Rangefinder Magazine, X-Photographers Book 2016, 1x Yearbook 2015 - Memento, Visual Artistry Magazine, Fotocommunity Magazin, Color Foto Magazin, Shot! Magazine, Photo Presse, fotoPRO, [...] .


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