We are so looking forward to meet you and learn more about your journey and the plans you have in mind. When you are writing your mail, please let us know as much as possible about you, about your plans and about what you appreciate about our work. The reason for that is simple: We genuinely care about who you are and if we are the perfect fit for each other. If we are available on your date, the next step is to schedule a video chat where we can talk about everything in detail, hear about your wishes, about your concerns and tell you about our approach.

Chances are that this is the first time you reach out to a professional photographer - and this is perfectly fine! We will guide you through the whole process and give you all the information you need to make all the small and big decisions about your photography.

Wenn ihr aus Deutschland kommt, schreibt uns gerne einfach auf deutsch.



Ronja Joy Waßmuth &Victor Hamke
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